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Flooring is one of the most important elements of a house. It can create a cozy and inviting feeling, a sense of sophistication, or a funky, industrial vibe. Quality flooring can add to the value of a home, while inexpensive, damaged and outdated flooring can hurt a home's value. If you feel as passionate about flooring as I do, I hope that you take some time to explore my blog. My name is Henry, and as a lover of all things DIY, I have put in a lot of flooring. From carpet, to vinyl, to hardwood, I have played with almost all of them, and I am here to explain the merits of different types of flooring, while also providing installation tips and more. Enjoy reading!


Why You Should Always Have Vinyl Planks Installed By A Professional

13 September 2021
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Vinyl planks are a popular option for flooring, and it is not hard to see why when you realise all the benefits of them. They look like a material ten times the cost, they are stronger than carpet and feel great underfoot and they can be made to fit into virtually any space. They are also very easy to clean and, as many vinyl planks advertise, are simple to install. However, this does not mean that you should try to do this install on your own. Read More …