Want A Lawn That Stays Stunning All Year Round? Choose Synthetic Grass

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Want A Lawn That Stays Stunning All Year Round? Choose Synthetic Grass

26 August 2015
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Are you planning to do landscaping in your home and are looking for the right grass for your lawn? Well, using synthetic (or artificial) grass is the best way to maintain a green lawn throughout the year. As the following points will reveal, synthetic grass is easy to maintain, helps conserve scarce water resources, and comes in an extensive range of designs.

Easy-to-maintain type of grass

A beautiful and well-maintained lawn is the pride of every homeowner. However, not all homeowners have the time and commitment to keep their lawns looking vibrant for others to envy. If you find it tiring to regularly water and remove weeds from your garden, synthetic grass will work best for you.

Since they are artificial or man-made grass, you won't have to worry about buying fertiliser to nourish the grass. What's more, synthetic grass is permanently cut-to-size so that you won't have to ever think about mowing the lawn.

As such, synthetic grass is the most suitable type of grass if you want to avoid the hassle of watering, weeding, reseeding, fertilising, and mowing your lawn.

Helps conserve water and reduce your water bills

If you live in an area that can go for several months without receiving any rainfall, then any effort to conserve the available water resources is highly appreciated. In water-scarce regions, water bills can soar up tremendously especially during the long summer days as you try to water the lawn frequently to keep natural grass looking healthy.

If you are concerned about keeping your water bills down, purchasing artificial grass may be the best option for you. As stated earlier, this type of grass doesn't need to be watered at all and thus alleviates the burden of paying huge water bills in the long term.

Extensive range of replicated grass designs

Modern varieties of synthetic grass are made of a broad array of synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyethylene that can be designed to look almost identical (if not better) to various species of natural grass. Better still, these grass varieties can also be manufactured to have the same texture as your favourite natural grass so that you won't feel like you are missing out on something.

Whether you need soft-textured grass for your kids to play or pets to move around safely or perhaps just wish to cover the shady patches where natural grass doesn't grow well, you will always find something that matches your exact grass needs.