Flooring Finish | 4 Deliberations For Deciding To Paint Or Stain Your Timber Floors

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Flooring Finish | 4 Deliberations For Deciding To Paint Or Stain Your Timber Floors

15 June 2016
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Timber flooring adds tremendous aesthetic value to any room in your home, but over time, it can end up looking dull and discoloured. If you're thinking of re-finishing your timber flooring, you can choose between different paint colours or stain options based on your personal preferences and existing décor. This guide is designed to help you consider some factors to help you decide between painting and staining your timber flooring.

Ease Of Application

If you're planning to undertake this task on your own, then ease of application may be an important deliberation for you. Staining a floor is an effort because it involves stripping off the existing finish and sanding to remove scratches before applying the stain. This can prove to be far too time consuming for busy homeowners, but the effort is well worth it when you get as close to the look of natural wood as possible. On the other hand, painting takes up less time because the primer and paint application is relatively easy. If ease of application is vital for you, then painting may be a better option for your timber flooring.


Stains finishes for timber floors are known to be extremely durable for the long term, so you can expect them to last without showing imperfections easily. On the other hand, paint isn't as durable as stains, so you may face cracking, peeling and chipping in time. If durability is an important point for you, then staining your timber floors is a better option than painting.

Re-Sale Value

Some homeowners redo their floors with the intention of re-selling the home in the future. If you're planning to re-sell your home, then you naturally want to get the best price possible for it. Staining is a more ubiquitous choice when it comes to resonating with people, while painting may appeal to limited tastes because colours that appeal to you may not appeal to others. If you're thinking of re-selling your home in the future, then staining is a better choice for your timber flooring.

Furniture Changes

Some homeowners are happy to hold on to their furniture for as long as possible, while others want to change their furnishings every few years. With this in mind, painting timber flooring could prove to be a dilemma because the colour may suit your old furnishings and not your new ones. On the other hand, stains typically suit all types of furnishings, so you can change it multiple times without worrying about matching colours. If you like to change your furniture often, then staining is certainly a better option.

The decision to choose between staining and painting your timber flooring depends entirely on your specific needs. Use this guide to decide what works best in your home.