Stuck Trying to Choose New Carpeting for Your Home?

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Stuck Trying to Choose New Carpeting for Your Home?

26 August 2016
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Choosing new carpeting shouldn't be done hastily, as you want to ensure you'll be happy with that carpeting for years to come. There is also a large carpet selection from which you'll need to choose, and this means more than just the color; the material from which it's made will affect carpet's durability, so you need to consider that when buying. Note a few tips to help you get through.


The pile of the carpeting refers to the length of the fibers. Shag is the longest length and this was very popular a few decades ago, but then fell out of favor when it was discovered how easily it got trampled underfoot and held food particles and other debris. However, for a bedroom or other space where you want the softest feeling, shag can still be a good choice.

Solid cut pile is often used by builders as it offers a flat look; each loop of the carpeting fiber is cut to be the same exact height. This can be a good choice for homes with children, as it won't show as much wear over the years. Cut and loop pile is when the fibers of the carpeting are actually woven sideways and loop into each other. This type of pile can better show a design or contrasting colors, much like a knitted scarf easily shows the contrasting colors of two pieces of yarn.


Most carpeting will be made from a cotton and wool blend. The more wool in the blend, the stronger the carpeting will be against tears and looking matted down. Wool may also help to better insulate your home. 

A cotton and silk blend will make carpeting very soft but not very durable. This might be a good choice for bedrooms or a formal dining room. A sisal rug has a very tough and durable feeling and is often found in coastal homes; it creates a casual feeling and the rougher texture may make you feel as if you're getting a foot massage! However, sisal can be difficult to clean and may not be the right choice for homes with children and pets.

Design and color

Be very careful about choosing a design for the carpeting, as you need to think about whether or not it will clash with upholstered furniture. A bold carpeting color can also look very overwhelming once you have it installed in an entire room, much less your entire home. When in doubt, opt for something neutral and solid to ensure you won't get tired of the carpet's look over the years.