The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Tiles

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wall Tiles

25 July 2018
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One of the most essential but often underrated aspects of interior decor is the wall tiles. Wall tiles give the designer or owner a lot of freedom to determine aesthetic elements of the house right from the design phase.

If you are stranded or spoilt for choice of wall tiles it may be necessary to prioritise the favourite ones. The following is a guide on the essential considerations for choosing and applying wall tiles.

Visual Considerations

In most designs, a monotonous appearance undermines the justification for a renovation or redesign and also ignores suitability for various sections of the house. The majority of rooms in modern and even conventional house designs have an outstanding focal point. A focal point must have wall tiles that keep it conspicuous while the rest of the room maintains visual neutrality.

Maintenance of Wall Tiles

Some walls come into contact with dirt, moisture and other substances that are detrimental to the structural integrity of the wall tile material and the general appearance. These sections, thereby, should have tiles with aesthetic properties to minimise the chances of damage and frequency of maintenance. Notable developments in the manufacture of wall tiles include the creation of dirt-resistant tiles. Materials such as porcelain and ceramic are easy to clean, and they also retard a lot of dirt and moisture. The larger part of a house's interior walls does not need tiles with qualities necessary for flooring other parts such as the floor, stairs and roof.

Financial Considerations

Highly priced wall tiles with patterns, glazes and anti-slip additives are not necessary for walls, but instead one should stick to simple designs which go for less in most outlets in Australia. Most real estate projects in Australia adopt flooring materials proportional to their value. The target clientele also matters a lot because it makes no economic sense to use LuxTouch, abalone shell or marble on houses developed for sale to middle and low-income sections of the Australian population.

Wall Tiles for the Exterior

Exterior walls can be tricky at times because of the exposure to the unconditioned environment. Wall tiles for the exterior walls should exhibit colour retention qualities and dirt retardation. The exterior also has a focal point which is on the wall with the entrance. This wall should have unique wall tiles that break the monotony of wall tiles in the back and side walls.

Wall tiles should be chosen based on the desired aesthetic characteristics, maintenance considerations, budget and area of application.