Ways Installing Carpet Will Enhance Your Home

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Ways Installing Carpet Will Enhance Your Home

23 September 2020
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The range of flooring options can be daunting when it comes to choosing a material for your living areas. But for a comfortable experience, you can't get better than carpet. Consider the following ways it will enhance your home.

Harmonises With Many Decors

Carpet's been popular for many centuries — thus, it's no surprise that it comes in virtually any style you can think of and in numerous shades. From mansions to apartments, there'll be a complementary design. Pick from beige, cream, blue or green, in muted or vibrant hues. Plus, you can install plush-cut pile carpet or smooth-loop pile. Carpet can look casual or ultra-formal and go in virtually any room, other than wet rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Makes Rooms Soft and Cosy

Would you prefer to walk around in bare feet on cold stone, ceramic, timber or soft carpet? Lounging around the home and lying on the floor while watching TV or playing with kids is not the same on hard flooring. Carpet is warmer and more snug on bare feet. Additionally, it absorbs the warmth within a room and helps to keep the atmosphere warmer. Overall, its softness allows you to create a cosier environment.

Helps to Keep Your Home Quiet

A carpet installation will also help to keep your home blissfully quiet. You won't hear high heels clip-clopping from the other side of the house as you might on harder surfaces. Children playing with and dropping toys will be quieter, and the toys are less likely to break on a cushioned surface. Carpet absorbs and muffles other sounds also such as TVs, music and conversations so that they don't echo and bounce around hard walls and floors. As a result, your home will be more peaceful and quiet. 

Helps to Maintain Good Air Quality

On hard flooring, dust disperses quickly around a room as people walk across the surface and disturb any dirt on top. This dust worsens air quality. In a carpeted room, however, allergens become trapped in the fibres and don't fly endlessly around the room, thus improving air quality. 

To keep your carpet clean and remove the dust, simply regularly vacuum. In a high-traffic room, you could give it a quick vacuum daily, especially if an allergy sufferer lives in your home. Less-frequented rooms can be vacuumed once or twice a week. Remember, also, to regularly steam clean or dry clean the carpet once or twice yearly.

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