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Flooring is one of the most important elements of a house. It can create a cozy and inviting feeling, a sense of sophistication, or a funky, industrial vibe. Quality flooring can add to the value of a home, while inexpensive, damaged and outdated flooring can hurt a home's value. If you feel as passionate about flooring as I do, I hope that you take some time to explore my blog. My name is Henry, and as a lover of all things DIY, I have put in a lot of flooring. From carpet, to vinyl, to hardwood, I have played with almost all of them, and I am here to explain the merits of different types of flooring, while also providing installation tips and more. Enjoy reading!


Stuck Trying to Choose New Carpeting for Your Home?

26 August 2016
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Choosing new carpeting shouldn't be done hastily, as you want to ensure you'll be happy with that carpeting for years to come. There is also a large carpet selection from which you'll need to choose, and this means more than just the color; the material from which it's made will affect carpet's durability, so you need to consider that when buying. Note a few tips to help you get through. Read More …

3 Flooring Strategies to Boost the Mobility Of Your Elderly Parents

25 August 2016
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For your elderly parents to live independently, small changes to flooring can make a big difference to their mobility. Factors like underfoot comfort, pliability and safety reign supreme when it comes to choosing floors to boost the mobility of your elderly parents. Consider these options to boost the mobility of your elderly parents when hiring flooring services to update the home. Choose A Material With Underfoot Comfort Soft floors are more ideal than harder flooring option because they provide greater underfoot comfort, which makes it easier for your elderly parents to stand on. Read More …

Flooring Finish | 4 Deliberations For Deciding To Paint Or Stain Your Timber Floors

15 June 2016
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Timber flooring adds tremendous aesthetic value to any room in your home, but over time, it can end up looking dull and discoloured. If you're thinking of re-finishing your timber flooring, you can choose between different paint colours or stain options based on your personal preferences and existing d├ęcor. This guide is designed to help you consider some factors to help you decide between painting and staining your timber flooring. Read More …

Maintenance Tips for Timber Flooring

28 January 2016
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One of the components of your home that greatly enhance its overall aesthetic is the flooring that you choose. Most homeowners tend to be biased toward timber flooring due to its classic look and numerous design options. However, improper maintenance of timber flooring will lead it to succumb to wear and tear before its time and affect its overall attractiveness. Unlike other types of flooring, this type of flooring requires some specific maintenance measures to be adhered to so as to ensure that it remains in its best condition. Read More …

How To Remove Old Floor Treatments Before Sanding

19 November 2015
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When undertaking a home renovation project, it's often necessary to remove old finishes from wooden flooring before you can sand and re-treat the floor.  If you don't get rid of the old finish before you start sanding, you'll find that the old treatment will clog up the sanding abrasive, giving an untidy-looking end result. Here are some tips on how to remove old finishes from wooden flooring for a truly professional finish. Read More …